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Artist: Ethan Liu

Why Do They Return?

Salma Baksh and Jenny Dun December 12, 2023

Who would be crazy enough to come back to their high school? Many swore that after walking the graduation stage they would never step foot in their high school again. And yet, FHHS is home to quite a few...

Ms. Grant, Senior Advisor

Let’s Talk With Ms. Grant

Nadine Jamora, Feature Section Editor October 29, 2023

Ms. Grant, history teacher, has been helping the senior class of Forest Hills High School create memories that they can look back on and remember fondly. Ms. Grant is a passionate and caring teacher who...

Ms. Klemas, School Librarian

A Bittersweet Goodbye to Ms. Klemas, Hills’ Co-librarian

Salma Baksh and Athena Vishudanand October 29, 2023

How often does an educator tell you they love you? For students and staff that had the fortune of knowing Ms. Klemas, hearing or feeling this phrase was a common occurrence for them. Even in a school with...

The Beacon Archives

Bringing Back The Beacon

Salma Baksh and Jenny Dun January 23, 2022

The Beacon staff had the privilege of interviewing two of the most recent advisors: Mr. Pujol and Mr. Najar. As advisors, they worked to develop a paper that any Ranger could enjoy and deem credible.  So,...

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