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Coquito Croffle (6.00) and Carrot Cake Muffin (4.75)

Average rating: 8/10

The Coquito Croffle is a dessert that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Toasted coconut flakes glisten like snowflakes on the surface of the croffle, enticing the senses before the first bite. 

In the first bite, the aroma of cinnamon sugar dances in the air, accompanied by the luscious sweetness of condensed milk cascading over each layer. 

Despite its delectable appearance, we all agreed that warming the croffle would have enhanced its flavors further. Nevertheless, the croffles are made fresh daily, ensuring a delightful experience with every bite. 

Mika, a regular at Forest Cafe, praises its sweetness and the cinnamon flavor, though noting a lack of pronounced coconut taste. Rina shared the same sentiment but about warming it up, 

“It is a little hard to chew. I would’ve liked it if it was warmed up.” 


Average rating: 7/10

Forest Cafe includes a theme of healthy ingredients in many of its menu items. The carrot cake is one of them. The rectangular muffin is fluffy and soft. As you bite into the muffin, you’re met with a cream cheese frosting. Mixed in the muffin, there were not only grated carrots and walnuts but pineapple as well, which is an interesting combination.

But we all had mixed feelings about specific ingredients. 

Mika comments on the frosting, “The frosting is good, but I think it takes away from the carrot cake itself.” 

I too agreed the cream cheese frosting is a good way to balance out the sweetness of the muffin, however, I felt it was overpowering the main character of the item. 

Ethan and Salma were not fans of the pineapple chunks in the muffin. Ethan found it “kind of confusing” as there were a lot of things going on inside the muffin that took away the normal carrot cake taste. 

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Coquito Croffle (6.00) and Carrot Cake Muffin (4.75)