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Searching for a fresh coffee haven? See too many classmates at the Starbucks near CVS? Fret not, we got you covered! We’re starting a series called the “Sip Sip Sip” to review and try out coffees from different coffee establishments scattered across the streets of NYC. 

This month, The Beacon chose Gregory’s Coffee on Austin St. as their first shop to review. Opening around May of 2023, one of the city’s popular and beloved coffee chains is conveniently placed only a few paces from the 71st Continental Ave train station. As we walked in, we were greeted by loud pop music and the vibrant red espresso machine, adorned with Forest Hills. 


Gregory’s interior is decorated with a simple modern black and white theme– a comfy black L-couch, marble-print tables and high chairs. During the day, the cafe is brightly lit by natural light from the high storefront windows, creating an open and relaxed space. 

USB plugs in the legs of the tables make Gregory a go-to study spot, though there’s only room for a laptop and drink at each small table.

A final detail we’ll add about the cafe is a make-or-break for some cafe-hoppers: the bathroom. There is a code, as many food places typically do, and the inside is kept clean and fresh-smelling. 

We had some friends tag along with us to be coffee taste testers, who all had different coffee opinions, some coffee drinks, and some non-coffee drinks. All of the prices were close to $6-$7 for a medium size, which is relatively pricey for a cup of coffee. The drinks also arrived quickly, each wait only about a few minutes long.

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